Solar Rise Ltd is a specialist domestic solar systems installation company. We are based in Wiltshire and work locally to reduce unnecessary pollution and travel costs. We make sure our customers are fully satisfied with the solar system they purchase.

We do this by offering

  •  Simple, easy to understand services and products

  •  Cost-effective solutions maximising your return on investment

A solar photovoltaic system will generate revenue and reduce your monthly electricity bill. Our systems provide a typical return rate of 8% to 11% per year guaranteed for at least 25 years by a government renewable energy incentive (FIT).

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Our low maintenance and user friendly system has the following advantages:-


  Makes the most of government incentives

 Generates you profit for producing solar energy

Saves you money by reducing your energy bill

Offsets increasing energy costs


Reduces your carbon footprint

Decreases your dependency on fossil fuels

Panels guaranteed for 25 years


Solar photovoltaic panels (PV)

Our high quality solar panels are fitted to your roof and turn the sun’s energy directly into electricity. The amount of electricity generated will be monitored and you will be paid for every unit of electricity you generate. Excess electricity produced is fed into the national grid and you will receive a further payment, so it is still in your interests to have an energy efficient home, switch lights off etc. Good quality solar PV panels work all year round even in cloudy conditions.

For more information on solar photovoltaic panels click on our "Photovoltaic (PV)" page.

Solar Thermal Panels (ST)

We install solar thermal systems which heat up water using solar energy. Solar water heating typically has a smaller installation cost than photovoltaic cells and reduces your annual costs incurred from heating water. Unlike a photovoltaic system which makes profit, solar thermal systems do not, currently there are no government incentives to use solar thermal. The advantage of solar thermal systems other than a reduced annual energy bill is that they reduce your carbon footprint. They also decrease the country's dependency on fossil fuels.

For more information on solar thermal panels click on the "Solar Thermal" page.


Our products

All our products are installed by qualified professionals; we aim to install them as quickly and efficiently as possible with minimum disruption to the occupants of the building.

All our products are competitively priced and come with a guarantee. We run an efficient and cost-effective company that enables us to carry over the savings to you, giving you the best deal possible with peace of mind that the product will carry on generating energy year after year.

For more information on our components click on the "Components" page

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